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Thank you for visiting our website! I'm Miss Jenni. Here at RSG we strongly believe children flourish and learn in a  fun, clean and  engaging environment with plenty of hands-on experiences that stimulate their curiosity and natural sense of wonder. We are proud how our teachers offer a welcoming and caring atmosphere inside the classroom where children's most basic, as well as emotional, needs are met. We are convinced in building strong parent-teacher relationships and always have an open channel of communication between us to guarantee your child's care and future success as a well-rounded individual is fulfilled.


Infant Teacher

Hello everyone, my name is Michaela Alsop. I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a bachelor's degree in Human Services and a concentration in Child and Family Services. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my dog, going shopping, and being surrounded by my loved ones. Working with children has given me numerous advantages, including the opportunity to watch them grow and develop into confident, self-sufficient learners, as well as building strong relationships with them.


Infant Teacher

Hello…I’m Ms. Jen! I am an infant/toddler teacher here at RSG. I have a background in nursing and was employed in the medical field for 20+ years.  After raising my three beautiful and talented children, I truly missed the excitement of watching the growth and development of little ones. It has been pure joy nurturing the infants and getting to know all of the families at RSG.


Infant Teacher

Hello my name is Ms. Joanna and I am the lead infant teacher here at RSG . I have over 20+ years experience working with children from birth to school-age. I am a proud wife, mom of 2 wonderful young menand a grandma of 2 fabulous grandchildren. I have apassion for seeing children grow and learn about the

world around them. I think of a child like a rose bud. When they are born the petals are so tight, but as time goes by and the child grows the flower begins to open

and you get to see this little human evolve. That is the best gift of all.


Infant Teacher Assistant

Hello, my name is Sara. I have two beautiful girls, 5 and 10 years old. We love going on drives and exploring together. Country music is my absolute favorite! I love laughing and being silly. I simply love children and enjoy helping them learn and grow at every stage of their young lives, it's very rewarding. 


Pre-K Teacher

Hi my name is Jill, also known as Mrs. Jill. I am originally from Arizona and also a Graduate from Arizona State University. I am Married and have two wonderful grown children. Teaching has always been second nature to me as  I have  been doing it for 38 years. Originally I started out  in the public schools teaching before/after  school programs and I was a Teachers Aid. I have also taught Kindergarten and was an Assistant Director as well. Being at RSG for 18 years has  been a wonderful learning experience as I prepare each child for Kindergarten.


Pre-K Teacher

My name is Rita Jalo. I have an associates degree in child development. I  have more than 3 years of experience working with kids around 2 years  old. I love working with kids. My favourite part of the job is watching  the kids I take care of grow up and hoping that I am able to make a  positive impact on their lives. I am a mother of 3 children. I have  enjoyed my time at Ready Set Grow and anticipate a lot of great memories  to be made here in the future.


Pre-K Teacher

I've been working in Early Childhood Education for over eight years. I worked at numerous preschools, including Cuyamaca College Child Development Center, but none compare to Ready Set Grow Learning Center where it has felt like a second home to me the past two years. Currently I am the lead teacher in the 3's room! I earned an Associate Degree in 2013, of which 48 units were in Early Child Education as well as an Achievement Certificate in Science Studies. In addition, I received a Bachelor's Degree in mathematical studies from my native country back in 2000. Whether it is being a  proud mother to three wonderful children or teaching a group of preschoolers, my love of children is the key to my ability to gain their trust and build a strong relationship with them. It gives me much pleasure to provide the children with a warm and nurturing environment  in which they can grow and learn most effectively.


Pre-K Teacher

I am a proud mother of three grown sons. Back in my home country, I received a Bachelor's Degree in Geography with certification to teach Geography. After immigrating to America, I began my studies in Early Childhood Education and earned an Associate's Degree. I look forward to growing in the Child Development Field. I love working at Ready set Grow where I'm the co-lead teacher in the toddler room. Working with kids is my passion, and it's always so wonderful to see them grow and learn!


Pre-K Teacher Assistant

Hi, I'm Cecilia from the Philippines. I am a wife and loving mother of two boys. I started working as an OFW (overseas Filipino worker) in different countries of Asia at an early age. I got a certificate as a nursing assistant in Singapore while working in 1999. I have ample experience taking care of children. RSG is my first work opportunity since I migrated this year. I love working with all the teachers and the children are adorable. I hope to build more memorable memories here at RSG.


School-Age Teacher

Hello, my name is Vivian Elias. I went to SDSU to pursue my degree in Child and Family Development. I love working with children of all ages, watching them grow and learn the cause and effects of the world around them. Working at RSG gives me that opportunity. I am excited to see the future unfold!


Toddler Teacher

My name is Ms. Claudia. I am the lead teacher in the toddler room. I have 2 teenager daughters. I have been with RSG since the summer of 2022. I grew up in San Diego. I have attended Grossmont College and Los Angeles Harbor College for early childhood development.

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