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If you are thinking about enrolling your child in an early childhood program, stop by and visit us. 
From the moment you enter Ready Set Grow, you will feel why it's the right place for your child. 

We have created a warm atmosphere where your child is respected and can feel good about themselves. 

We are a small school in the heart of El Cajon, and we work hard every single day to insure that your children benefit from a happy, safe, challenging, and caring environment. 

We have a great team of teachers that are friendly and considerate to each child.  You can call us or stop by at any time, to see how your child is doing. 


Brightwheel is a mobile phone app also used by parents and teachers to communicate and share photos.  Brightwheel is a great way to stay updated on your child's day to day learning and activities.  

We will share a funny story with you or a cute episode from your child's day.   We will tell you if your child had a good appetite, enjoyed play time, or took a great nap.

Please contact us at (619) 448-4585 or for more information.

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