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Welcome To RSG  Math Academy!

An enrichment program for all grade levels consisting of group and private instruction

Jumpstart development in : Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Creativity

About Us:

Our Specialty



We not only assist students with their current math studies, but also help them get ahead and explore the many wonders of the subject.

• We provide personal assessment for test required skills, such as critical

thinking and ability to problem solve, and measure the full range of college

and career-ready knowledge and skills.

• We teach our students professional mathematical terminology and the

practical use of necessary theories.

• We prepare students for all standardized tests including, but not limited to,

SAT, SAT II Subject Tests, and ACT.




RSG Math Academy’s Mission:

It is a generally accepted idea   that mathematical  education is important because of the vast number  of mathematical applications needed everywhere, but it’s not that simple. We believe that  logical reasoning, problem solving abilities, and  analytical  skills have at least the same importance. We see mathematics as a universal instrument to boost students’ critical thinking skills, which turn them into independent lifelong learners no matter what career they choose.


Our academy is an essential supplement to the existing educational system, not its replacement. Although our courses overlap with ordinary school math programs, they increase the scope and depth of the study of mathematical  

topics. Our   program   is   designed   to  challenge  but   not overwhelm. Emphasis is placed on active learning where students are encouraged to present their own analyses of a math concept or problem. We strongly believe this type of learning is a source of great pleasure and fun. We have found that students are more likely to have fun when they are putting their best efforts in accomplishing a true challenge.

Programs and Classes Offered

1) Homework help and tutoring (private and group)  

2) Arithmetic and basic math

3) Mental Math

4) Pre-Algebra

5) Algebra and Advanced Algebra

6) Geometry

7) Pre-Calculus

8) Calculus

9) Math Competition training


We use specialized curriculum tailored to each subject and grade level. In addition, our teachers will   customize   the   material   based   on   the   students’   abilities   for   each  subject.   Our  overall curriculum is designed for both gifted math students who are not challenged enough at their school and even for students who struggle in math or have math phobia.


The classes are currently taught by Allen Rabinovich, a credentialed mathematics teacher who is also the owner of Ready Set Grow Learning Center. Allen holds a math degree from UCSD and has been tutoring for over 20 years. Furthermore, he has competed in national and international math competitions through high school and college. Allen is dedicated to helping students succeed not only in their math studies, but also throughout their academics. Students are welcome to stay at the center to work on their other homework as well and ask for assistance whenever needed, as part of the after school program. Additional tutors will be on-site to assist with general homework!

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